Hi friends this is Anu from Delhi I am a devotee of this site and I want to share my personal feelings. Seema is my very very close friend she was very beautiful and looking like a college student @ that age. She was very up-to-date in her body language. It was December last week my Dad planned to make a trip for 3days with us & I refused to go with them because of monthly test @ school was shortly commencing. Finally Dad and Mom with my brother went for the 3day package tour. I was alone in the house I requested seema to come to my house for 3 days Seema's mother agreed to send seema to my house. Seema brought her school books to study @ my house with me. While bringing her books she also brought a good sized brinjal with her. I asked seema why brinjal ? Seema laughed and said today I am doing an experiment with brinjal @ ur home. By that time I was not able to got her point that what she is saying. In the afternoon we finished our homework and we both went seema's house for lunch in afternoon after the lunch we came back to our house. I said to seema shall we watch TV for a while? Seema said no Anu we will read and discuss about new chapter in my NEW DIGEST. I asked new chapter !!! what is it seema?
Seema took out a book from her paajaama I was watching very excitingly what seema is doing. I asked Seema why did you keep that book in your undergarment ? Seema said Anu my friend this is a sex story book my brother brought this and he was reading and caught by me I scold him and I took it really anu this is a great book. I said seema I don't want to talk about sex. Seema said Pagli don't hesitate to talk or read about sex this is very funny you really enjoy it please read this paragraph and try. If it is not worth to read leave it no problem. I took the book and stared to read the paragraph shown by Seema. It was very thrilling and I began to enjoy that reading. seema said how is it? I said really amazing thank you seema really you opened the door of new world to me. Seema asked. Shall we go to bedroom for higher studies? I said yes. And we went to my bedroom seema brought brinjal with her. She lay down on the bed and asked me to read a story on page 46 loudly. I started reading the story The story was very exciting while reading the story I felt my undergarments are getting wet and my bra is getting tight after completing the story I was in full zoom. I said Seema i am feeling very uncomfortable in this dress may panty is getting wet what shall I do? Seema said I am also having same problem look my breasts are becoming very hard lets change our dress. And started undoing her pajama & top. In semi nude pose seema was looking very pretty she was woring a pink bra and white panty her panty was 50% wetted with her fluid and seema started to remove my cloths I am very excited that for the first time I was removing my cloths in front of other seema totally removed my robe she introduced her middle finger into my pussy and started to make action at that time I was in haven and I strongly rubbing her right breast her breasts are very apt in size her tender nipples are erected she was sucking my breasts even though it was painful I was enjoying this event. Seema opened her panty and asked me to put the brinjal into her hole I started to do so the brinjal was quite big sized and seema's hole was very tight. I got to the kitchen, and opened the fridge I found some butter in it. I took the whole packet of butter and came back to the bedroom and applied the butter around seema's gateway and pushed the brinjal. It went very easily into her she was screaming in joy she asked to speed up the action I repeated the same rhythmically stroke after stroke finally she said to take off the brinjal. I asked why she said I reached the goal & now it's your turn have it in you. I lay down on the floor and opened my legs wide seema looked my gate way and said anu your seal is not opened shall I open it. I said ok Seema coated butter around the brinjal and pushed hardly into me it was very painful I began to shout loudly seema closed my mouth by closing it with her mouth I begged seema to please take off the brinjal Seema said Anu dont worry if I am a boy it will be very painful don't worry this is your first time you really enjoy this now and began to make strokes gently as the brinjal getting in and I was getting very happy finally I felt that something is discharging from my hole and I was very much satisfied with brinjal stroke I said Seema its enough for me please take off it. Seema took out the brinjal. Blood was mixed with my sex juice seema took me to the bathroom and cleaned me seema said don't worry anu this will happen to every girls in their first sex activity in future you will enjoy a lot from your gateway. I said ok seema thank you and asked did you had sex with anybody in past? Seema said No Anu I play myself with carrot and brinjal whenever I had an urge and am waiting for a secure chance I am getting mad day by day from when I started to read this book. I asked seema "when did you started this & please tell me your first time sex story" By this time seema started to squeeze my nipple with her mouth I questioned seema how did you developed your breast so big and beautiful? Seema answered this is by practice anu daily when I take bath I my self press my breasts in front of mirror it is very likely job to me. I suggest u to practice the same. I hold seema's beautiful breasts in my hand and begin to press her breasts once again getting hard I started to suck her seema once again put her fingers in my hole and we once again enjoyed the orgasm. For 3 days we enjoyed more happiness For me seema really opened the new world of joy Friends how did you feel my story is it delighted you do you want to know how Seema's first experience?


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